Friday, August 5, 2016

Nearly two years from the last update

Hello everyone, its nearly two years now from the last update, but it doesn't mean we didn't hangout... I think if we start to update the previous hangouts it will be a bit difficult task for us now. In the mean time Sai got married ;-) The biggest update of the past which had to me mentioned here. Now we all moved to different places and no two people are living in the same city. Run for the careers sprinkled us in different parts of the country and world. Still we manage ourselves to hangout in every possible way. I hope Razzaq will upload some of the pics for just a quick recap. I still remember each and every hangout of ours, the famous voting technique to decide everything. Its more than a decade for now from our first hangout, still going....

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sleepover at swat's room.Part 2

Who- Akram,bhanu,Razzaq and swat
Where- swat's room at balapur,Hyderabad

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Akram and myself at McD

Who- Akram and Razzaq
When- Nov 15 2014
Where- McD on Airport Road and Ice Cream Parlour on Attapur Road

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lunch in Hyderabad

Who- Abhishek,Swatchith,Kiran and Razzaq
Where- Dine Hill,Masabtank,Hyderabad
When- 27 June 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sleepover at Razzaq's House

Last Saturday Abhishek,Shoaib,Swat and myself met in Hyderabad,Abhishek came from Ramagundam,Swat came from Warangal ,shoaib was already in hydeabad and i came from Raigarh,Chhattisgarh.We had dinner at Shah Gouse Tolichowki and later went to my home.We spent the night talking and by 2am we all were asleep.Next day we had naahari paya at Arbab Riyan Hotel and thus ended our short gettogether.

Who were present- Abhishek,Swat,Shoaib and Razzaq
Where- Dinner at Shah Gouse and sleepover at Razzaq's House
When- 16/2/14

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Back to the colony!

After a long time abhishek,akram and myself met in colony.Recently
abhishek got selected in Singareni Colleries and for a celebratory
Lunch we went to Thatipalli Hotel in Kothagudem.Had fun!

Who were present-Akram,Abhishek and Razzaq
Where-Hotel Thatipalli,Kothagudem
Reason-To celebrate abhishke's Singareni selection

Monday, September 24, 2012

Abhishek and myself in Raigarh

Its been a month since abhishek and myself have been in Raigarh,Chhattisgarh to pursue our PG in Thermal Power Plant Engineering.We have been provided accommodation in Vrindavan Hostel which is around 4km from the city of Raigarh.It has nice AC rooms with a gym too.The institute lies in the center of Jindal Power Limited's 4x250 MW Thermal Power Plant's Premises.The classrooms are good with AC.The only problem lies in the distance between the institute and the is around 40km and a part of the road is marred with potholes the size of which will sink a maruti 800 car.Add to it the number of huge trucks carrying loads of coal from the nearby coalfields and  you have a recipe for accidents.At an average 2 accidents take place everyday.The highest so far has been 5 in one day.Hopefully till the time we complete this course nothing will happen to us.
    Which brings me to the other issue here.Before coming here I was all gung ho about the chance to get placed in Jindal Power Limited but after seeing the state here I no more feel the same.The City of Raigarh is  very small with no proper shops and restaurants.The staying options of hostels aren't good (i don't like living in hostels however good they are) And the remoteness of the region have all have dampened my excitement.All I can do now is wait and see what companies come for placement and hopefully I get placed in the best of the lot.
    As for the people here,they are all good natured fellows.Even my fellow students are good except the disgusting habit of spewing swear words before a sentence starts and after a sentence ends.
             Also we have our 10th classmates here.Satya,Ravi teja whom we fondly call Dido and Rakesh have also joined and we have formed a nice group.!
    One month has passed and 11 months remain.Have many places to visit  and of course get placed too!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sleepover at Akram's Place

This sleepover was the best since the one we had in shoaib's house back in our inter days.Akram,Abhishek,Swatchit,Shoaib and myself were present.kiran couldn't make it as he got busy with his office works.Bhanu and p were in colony.And deepanjan busy exploring the barren lands of Ladakh and Leh.
        Anyway we all gathered at akram's house by 10pm and had to start things off for the night,ate some delicious haleem bought from Shah Ghouse,Tolichowki.After that,on shoaib's insistence we celebrated our graduation with a small 'gharelu' ceremony where we exchanged 'gajras' and had sweets.Most of it was done  laughing uncontrollably .
      After that we settled down in the front room for an hour of talking.Then at 12am two of us went to Prince Hotel and brought some yummy local dishes,Grill Chicken and Biriyani.After that heavy meal we settled down for the next phase of talking on the terrace and at around 2pm we came inside forced by the cold wind.By 3am the wickets started to tumble and the first to go was shaoib and akram soon followed.Abhi , Swat and myself somehow statyed awake till it was sehri time.At around 4am i woke up akram and we both had some biriyani.Then we all tucked in for the night or rather i should say for the day :-)